Wendel’s True Foods

Wendel’s True Foods have been creating natural baked goods using our family recipes along with a dedication to wholesome, natural and local foods since 1997. Wendel’s True Foods is our dedicated bakery where all our handmade products are created.

We offer a specialty product line up of baked goods using only the finest all-natural ingredients and do not add preservatives. We first focus on making great tasting products made with simple real ingredients and then offer different varieties for different dietary needs.

Our wholesale products include retail bagged cookies, ready to bake frozen cookies and muffins, ready to serve (fresh or frozen) tarts, cookies, cakes, pies, squares and biscotti.

Our products are baked in small batches to ensure quality and to maintain a handmade look and taste. This attention to detail and outstanding taste makes our baked goods stand out from the common.

Wendel’s is committed to using only the highest quality, local organic ingredients wherever possible. Read the ingredients and feel good about what you are eating!

See our website at www.wendelstruefoods.com