Wendel’s offers a full espresso Bar featuring Moja coffee along with blended drinks, handmade iced tea and lemonade. We also have a selection of wines and beers.


Hot Drinks

steamed milk & espresso

foamed milk & espresso

chocolate, steamed milk & espresso with whipped cream

Skinny Mocha
sugar free chocolate, skim milk & espresso

White Mocha
white chocolate, steamed milk, espresso & whipped cream

Caramel Macchiato
steamed milk with espresso, vanilla & real caramel

Matcha Green Tea Latte
matcha green tea with steamed milk

Vanilla Tea Misto
steamed milk & Earl Grey tea with vanilla

Organic Chai Tea
steamed milk, organic tea with cardamom, ginger & cinnamon

Vanilla Steamed Soy
steamed soy milk & vanilla

Flavoured Steamed Milk
steamed milk with your choice of artisan flavourings

Hot Apple Cider
steamed hot with our own mix of spices & brown sugar

Hot Chocolate
milk chocolate & steamed milk topped with whipped cream

Skinny Hot Chocolate
sugar free chocolate & steamed skim milk

Children’s Hot Chocolate
(not too hot) with whipped cream

Fresh brewed coffee
Italian roasted medium or bold blend

Decaf Coffee
prepared as ordered Americano style

Espresso & Decaf Espresso
strong shot of Italian coffee

espresso & hot water

a selection of black, green, organic & herbal blends

Add Flavours or Soy Milk


Cold Drinks

Iced Latte
espresso & iced milk

Iced Mocha
espresso, chocolate & iced milk topped with whipped cream

Iced Organic Chai Tea
Organic tea with cardamom, ginger, cinnamon & iced milk

Italian Soda
club soda with any artisan flavouring

Iced Americano
espresso & ice water

Iced Tea
freshly brewed tea iced. Sweetened or unsweetened

Freshly squeezed lemonade
our own freshly hand squeezed lemonade

Blended Drinks

Mocha Frappe
chocolate, coffee & ice blended, topped with whipped cream

Caramel Frappe
real caramel, coffee & ice blended, topped with whipped cream

Matcha Green Tea Frappe
matcha green tea, milk & ice blended, topped with whipped cream

Chai Tea Frappe
chai tea, milk & ice blended, topped with whipped cream

Wild Berry Frappe
mixed berries, cream & ice blended, topped with whipped cream

Peach Fruit Freeze
real fruit & ice blended. Dairy and fat free

Yogurt Berry Smoothie
yogurt, mixed berries & ice blended


Hot Liqueur Drinks

Bailey’s & Coffee
Bailey’s Irish Cream & coffee topped with whipped cream

Bailey’s Latte
steamed milk, espresso & Bailey’s Irish Cream

Irish Cream Mocha
coffee, chocolate & Bailey’s Irish Cream topped with whipped cream

Polar Bear
steamed milk, rich chocolate & Bailey’s Irish Cream topped with whipped cream

Tiramisu Coffee
steamed milk, coffee & Kahlua topped with whipped cream and a ladyfinger cookie

Caramel Coffee Cream
steamed milk, Kahlua, coffee & real caramel topped with whipped cream